Moving Now what!


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Ok we have finished gettting our new house and can move in in the next 2 to 3 weeks!!!!!! SO.................
How do I move this 75gal reef tank while keeping everything alive? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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Salt buckets. Lots of them, with lids. Put your fish in a bucket or two. Put your rock in a few others. Corals in another. Sand in another. DOn't overload them or you won't be able to move them. Carry as much water as you can in the rest. Move quickly. If you plan and have people to help you carry/move, this is no problem. DO NOT put rock and fish together. I lost my favorite regal tang because I gave him a rock to help him relax, and it shifted in transit and crushed him.


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Either move your tank 1st, or last. Leave a full day. You'll need it. If you don't own a brute, now is a great excuse to get one. Set up your R/O a day or two in advance at the new house , make water, mix salt & get up to temp. Kung's advice is right on. Lots of buckets or fish styros. You may be able to borrow these from the LFS for the weekend. The LFS will also sell you bags and rubberbands for fish & corals. Doble bag everythinf and put into a styro.

Good Luck! your in for a chore. But a NEW HOUSE is always cool.


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Also, if you know someone who does drywall work those buckets work wonderfully if you can't get enough salt buckets.