moving/setting up new tank help please.


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Im Looking for some sand for my new tank. Im going to be moving to brighton on may 21nd and would like to have sand instead of CC for my new tank. My sister lives there so if anyone is selling it now and cant wait to get rid of it I could store it at her place. Oh yes its for a 20g L with a 10g fuge. If anyone would like to help me design a fuge I would really appricate your help. I would like to have everything I need to have the tank ready to cycle when i get there. I will be bring my 10g reef tank with me and keep it going untill the new tank is ready for my fish and corals. Im going to be buying new LR. So if anyone has LR they are selling I would be willing to pay you for it in advance and have it cured and ready to be put in the tank when I get there. Im basically trying to have everything I need ready to go by the time I leave ohio and drive to brighton. Thank guys. My LFS has a 20g L fo ra good price so im going to pick it up in the next week and keep looking at the sales forum untill i find a MH for a good price.

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Are you looking to do a fuge or a sump or a combo of both?

Check with Im_NeO. He is local and can build anything you need in regards to sump/fuge.

What kind of lighting are you looking for?
fuge/sump/protein skimmer. I would like to have 150w MH with maybe some pc antinics (sp). If it could be ready the day I move in I would do that. Im renting a 5x8 uhaul trailer to move in so I have the room for my tanks in ym jeep. Oh yes how should i tank down and transport my 10g tank to move it on my 10-12 hour drive (fish, corals)? Heater packs or anything like that or air pumps?
For transport, bag them up. Put in a cooler with heat paks and keep the lid closed. Your critters should be fine. Bring the rock in the water so you have no die off. Maybe in 5 gal buckets. Keep them warm, don't pack them in the u-haul.

Set up the tank as soon as you get here and get it running.

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got the PM thank you. Should I buy my LR in boston or see if I can get it here and transport it. I might of found it for $3 a pound (cant really beat that). But thats just things I have to tow behind my jeep. Sand is taken care of now. Just looking for the LR. Im going to build a stand I guess here before I leave. I really dont want to buy one but it takes time to build one. So I have no idea what Im going to do for that.
Just bring what rock you have with you and buy the rest here. Probably the simplest way.

Try to get the stand done so when you get here you have the basics of the new set up.
OK jeepman now you can pay attention to him. Rock is reasonable here. Damn I hate to say he's right.
Well it looks like Im just going to buy my stand since I dont have enough time to build one. I did tell you all I was goign to be setting up a 20g L but I think Im going for a 29g instead. Due to basically everything can stay the same on the tank except for the LR and light. I found a place to live too. Im moving in with 2 girls that are about my age. :p
Haha damn on guys I get them both. :D Also I might of found a tankt hat is drilled with a sump and stand as a package. So we will see if that works out.
Good deal - drilled is the way to go
I used a lateral file cabinet as a stand for my 29g for quite a while
Building a stand for a small tank is fairly easy
Just a frame & skin it
Drilling & plumbing for a sump will make it a little more complicated