moving tank to another floor


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Hope this is the right forum....

I'm moving from one apartment to another in the same building, and I need to take my 65 gallon reef along. Anybody have experience with this? Here's what I'm thinking:

- remove all the fish but leave corals in place
- drain water down to the sand
- leave sand and rock in place (rock is cemented together so can't be removed easily)
- try to lift the tank and stand onto a wheeled furniture dolly/cart
- wheel it down hallway, up the elevator, and into the new apartment
- refill with the old water

Think that will work? I have about 60 lbs of rock, 40 of sand, so I'm thinking the drained tank will weigh 200 pounds or so... Can it be done?


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Have fun I'd take everything out your tank will be about 300lbs I bet. Especially w some water, and also I'll have to keep it steady so nothing falls and breaks while carrying upstairs/ downstairs. I would put everything in containers that you could move even water. En setup tank and bring containers to fill it back up.


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I think it will be heavier with wet sand, but not sure if it is the same since it is cemented. If you can't get the sand out I would take everything else out. I had tons of "fun" moving a 65 like this and ended up having to do the same. I would get a couple 33 gallong trash cans from home depot for like $10. They have wheels which makes it a little eaiser with rock and water to move them. But anyways good luck with it and hope it turns out well.


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Yeah, I'll have a helper for lifting the tank. Even if it's 300 lbs I'm thinking two men can lift it a few inches, slide a dolly underneath, and push it. Never done it though. If I take the rock out I'd have to break it apart--it was cemented together.


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Just got done moving my 75 into a new house. Glad that's over with.
It took 3 of us roughly 9 hours to do. SUCKED :lol2:
I couldn't imagine moving something like a 150+ like I'm sure some have experienced.
Have fun!


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Moving to another apartment in the same building isn't a whole lot different than moving across town in my opinion. Either way it's going to be alot of work.