Moving to Hawaii


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It looks like the Army is moving me again; this time to a not so bad place and to a not so bad job in Hawaii (Oahu). I am trying to get the low down on the reef keeping situation there. I know I can ship the tank and all the equipment however, what corals if any will I be allowed to have sent to me once I get everything reestablished in Hawaii?

Obviously I will need to take my tank down and I want to find the best way to liquidate all my corals. I see two options, bring massive amounts a various size frags to the next 3 meetings. Or option two, have an open house so everyone one can hand pick their frags (colonies) directly from my tank. How many folks would be interested in option two? Also, ââ"šÂ¬Ã…"œhancockrichââ"šÂ¬Ã‚ Rich will be moving to Ft Hood a few months later, I spoke to him last night and he will also be ready to do this with me. So that is two wonderful SPS tanks we need to empty in the next few months.

I would like to give PROP first crack at my large frags and or colonies. Gordon, PM me please :) I know when we last spoke I said it would not be before Oct but obviously I can not turn down an assignment to Hawaii :)

I think that just might be worth a trip to Sierra Vista. Maybe we can get a carpool or caravan going here.

You may have to give up your corals but I think living in Hawaii is well worth it. I also don't think they will allow importing of corals or fish- I could be wrong but that is what I remember- they don't want to take a chance of anything getting released that isn't native- so I guess you'll have a hawaiian reef tank- but they have a lot of good stuff as well- and of course you'll have to keep in touch since you can ship stuff to us :). Congrats and enjoy!
I would love to come up and see your tank/buy frags. It really sucks that you have to leave, but I think you will enjoy island life, I had a few freinds in Devry that came from there and they were always telling me how much better Hawaii was,...

Wow Ed, good for you and bad for us! Your contributions to the AZ reefing community will definitely be missed. And its a shame you'll take your tank down before it gets an RC TOTM! Good luck and have a safe move!

While I am glad to see that you have a job in a place that you seem to like, I am sad to see you go. You have been fixture with the reefing community here. And you definitely make the auctions fun! Hard to imagine a PROP auction without Ed because you have been there since I became a reefer (I use this term loosely in my case), and your corals were among the first SPS I had in my tank. They were the first if you did not include those that came on the live rock I purchased. Anyway, congratulations.

I would also recommend option 2. It would be ashame to break up your beautiful colonies. I wonder if we could do an colony auction at your place. :)
Thanks everyone seems like the idea of doing an auction/meeting at my house is a real possibility. I will be moving end of May early June so I will throw some date out to see if you can get a good consensus one when to do it.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will not be allowed to bring any inverts with you to Hawaii. They are really strict in regards to non native species importation to protect the local reef's. You will not be allowed to bring any venomous species of fish either, (IE lions, scorpions etc).
As far as the local reef scene goes.......Hawaii has very strict guidelines on harvesting local cant. This now includes (As I understand it) Zooanthids and liverock as well. Most people there wind up keeping FO tanks due to all the restrictions.

I'm assuming you're going to be stationed at Schoffield, (depending on your MOS). There are several good LFS on Oahu, the only one I know for sure thats still in business is Coral Fish Hawaii, (98-810 Moanalua Road in Pearl City/ should still be 818-488-8801)

My parents were stationed at Hickam when I was a kid, and I worked for about 2 years at CFH. Neat place. I'm sure there are several other places worth going to there as well, I just dont remember their addresses or know if they are still in business.

For a complete rundown on what you can and cant bring to Oahu, you might try doing a google search on customs and importation into Hawaii. You could also PM Margarita Man here on RC. IIRC his wife is from there and they go back on a regular basis to visit her family....

There is a lot to do there, so if you cant keep a full blown reef, you could easily get into snorkelling and scuba diving. It wont quite make up for it, (Scuba diving is just another expensive replacement hobby), but you'll still enjoy yourself immensely.

Good Luck and enjoy yourself.

I'd be up for a trip down there, but is it possible for you to list what colonies you have and the amount you want for them in the thread here?

I will once I really decide the best route. I have had a lot of suggestions on how to "fairly" distribute them to all.