Multicontroller for 6000's?


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I'm currently working on a new tank that will be installed sometime in September. The tank is going to be 5'x2'x2'. I plan to have two 6010's installed in the tank with a multicontroller for tide, waves and all fo that fun stuff that the streams can do.

My question is, currently I have a 110H and I want to add some extra circulation to that tank before I upgrade, but since the multicontroller isn't availabe yet I was wondering what my options would be. I really would like to reuse what ever I buy in my next tank so I don't have to make any more purchases other than maybe a second stream and a controller.

Thanks for the help.

You don't want 6010 pumps if you are getting the multicontroller- a 6010 is a 6000 with a single controller which you will have no use for. Any pump model ending in**10 is a single controller included kit. So, you want two 6000 pumps and a multicontroller. I was told that in a few weeks I will have all the multicontrollers I could want. The pumps will run without the multicontroller- infact you can vary the power but you cannot make them pulse or do anything more than run at one continuous speed until you have a controller. These pumps should be suitable for both tanks. On the smaller 110 however you may only want to run one at a time on tide mode- it is most likely that by the time you would get a pair of pumps you would also get a multicontroller, if not you can just run one pump or both on 50% power until one arrives. Make sure you also get any accessory hardware you need for mounting. Euro trimless up to 3/4" thick- no hardware required, Acrylic or Glass with perimeter bracing kit 3000.26, Glass with plastic trim- such as Oceanic or All Glass kit 3000.244.