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Right now, my Black and White Clowns are attempting to live in my small Frogspawn frag and more concerning to me, my Open Brain. They tried to make a house out of my Goniporia frag but have since left it.

My female seems to be pecking at the Open Brain when the lights are out, almost prepping it to lay eggs as if it would a rock.

I had a RBTA and they went to it right away but I have since had to remove the Anemone so getting one is not an option at the moment.

Do I need to be worried for my coral, more so my Open Brain?


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Yes, unfortunately, they can kill LPS corals. The pecking that you see is most likely part of the conditioning they go through when finding a new anemone and adjusting to its sting, so that may not last for long, but keep a close eye on it. I've had clowns smother a frogspawn until they damaged it, it got infected, and I lost the whole coral.

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I suppose it depends on how aggressive the clowns are when beginning to try to aquire the host. I've seen plenty of clowns hosting in various types of LPS corals.


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Yep, it all depends on how aggressive the clowns are towards the host and how sensitive the host coral is. I've seen it go over just fine more times than not, so it's not reason to banish the clowns from the tank right away. But, it is good to keep a close eye on how much "love" they are giving your corals.


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Ive personally found that ocellaris and percula clowns are much more gentle when it comes to using corals as a host verses other species of clowns. Watch over the corals but I dont think it will become an issue.