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I've got one last mushroom to get rid of. This guy is just too big to go where I want him to in the mix of my tank. He's about 3-4" when fully opened up. Blue/purple base with brown and yellow "spikes"

I sold a couple of these at the frag workshop and this is the one I kept. Only going to go with yumas in the 90.

And now hmm photobucket upload app doesn't seem to want to work for me. I will keep trying to upload the pic for you guys.

$20 or trade for him

Thank you facebook
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Awesome shroom! Id love to take it from ya but I just had a baby and cant do any trips. Heres a bump though


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Bump, still looking to get rid of this guy $10 or a trade

And make that about 5" around. This guy is pushing carpet nem stature haha


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Ill do 25 by paypal if that includes shipping to woodbury. Dont know if you would consider that.


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post a step by step with some pics... i have a bunch of mushrooms that i have been thinking of Pizza Pie'n and putting them on plugs.

got to start having this tank support itself financially and give some cheap frags to people


Edit -- you did post pics...
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wow! nice yea this one was about that...also cut up some gsp


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:) I just glued gap to one of my over flows see how this will go looks like you broke the rock apart? Is it the kind that digs in or is a mat