My 29g, Pic Intense


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I just wanted to say HI, and share some pictures of my 29 gallon tank.

The hardest part was figuring out a username for this site, it must have taken me an hour. :)

Please let me know what you think.







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Thanks everybody.

Bobby417919 - I have a pair of tank raised ocellaris and a flasher wrasse. I really like fish but with a tank this size I think that is enough.


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Well first let me say:
<img src="/images/welcome.gif" width="500" height="62"><br><b><i><big><big>To Reef Central</b></i></big></big>

Second, you chose a great name :D

Third, as for your tank...... I'm completely speechless! No words would properly express my feelings except that I just turned totally green! :lol: I'm totally drooling right now! ;)

OK, now how about a "complete" rundown on your tank? you know how long's it been setup, parameters, flow, lighting, feeding, dosing, water changes, etc. etc. etc. :)
The reason I ask for a rundown is this: The second pic, bottom left colony, I have some exactly like that, have had them for a good 8 months now. I have only seen 2 new polyps. Yours look way better than mine, and I'm wondering what your doing different than me that is obviously working better or if it is just this morph.

First pic at the very top. Looks like you cut off some really huge paly's? Do you have a full shot of those, I think they are awesome looking!



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When I first looked at your tank I thought about how fun it would be to put some cyclopeeze in there to watch everything go crazy. I'm sure when you feed your tank it looks like a stadium crowd going crazy.

Cmon, give us a picture from above, let me know what a new fish would feel like while it was acclimating in the bag.


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Nice tank. Are you running VHO's over it?

I'd also love to see a closer pic of those orange protopalys at the very top of your tank!


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Thank you ecotoxlady.

Mrs.kbmdale - Thank you for all the compliments. :)

Here are my tank parameters: Ph ~8.1, Ca ~400, Dkh ~9, NO2 ~0, NO3 ~0, Mg ~1250

For filtration I keep it pretty simple a CPR HOB fuge & an Aqua C Remora Skimmer.
The fuge is packed with chaeto and it has an 18w pc over it, this keeps the nitrates right where I like them. I run the fuge lights the same time as my regular lights because it is a HOB.

Lighting consists of Four 75 watt VHO bulbs, 1 Aquasun, 1 50/50 and 2 actinics.

Water Changes: 3 gallons every other Sunday and every 3 months I do a 6 gallon change.

Additives: 2 drops of lugols every week. 1 tsp of Tech CB 3X a week. 1 tsp of Tech M every week.

Here is a pic of those palyps that you were asking about, and the little guys, clowns. I can't stand the look of powerheads in my tank so that is why I didn't show a shot of the whole thing. I wish I had a sump and a small closed loop for better flow. Maybe on the next tank. :)

ficklefins - As you can see my photography skills are definitely lacking. I can't seem to get a good shot of the tank from the top.

I used to use cyclop-eeze religiously, until I went to the Coral Farmers Market in L.A. a few weeks ago.(It was the first time a business trip worked out in my favor.:)) I bought some stuff called Coral Frenzy from a vendor there and my corals have never responded better. I still add a little bit of cyclop-eeze because I think it is great for the fish, but I think my corals respond better to this other stuff.

Thanks Jovreefer, Is the pic above what you are talking about? That was my first coral I bought for my tank.

I would really like to hear what everybody else is using for flow, lighting, water changes, additives, etc.


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Those Paly's are just gorgeous, I would love to find some just like that. They are sooooo big, and colorful... never seen anything like it, great find!!

Thanks for your rundown. Looks like I might wanna try some loguls, and look into some of this coral frenzy. You do more water changes than me and my husband too :eek: Guess maybe I should just start doing it myself :lol:

Anyway, Conradulations on an AWESOME looking tank, keep up the great work.



great tank!
I have one question:
Is your rockwork against the back and if so, how do you keep that area clean?
Thank You


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diverdan814 - thank you

Yes, all my rockwork is against the back wall. I just use a razor blade to clean the back glass. I use one of those small plastic razorblade holders to get a better grip.


I am inspired by your tank and will be modelling my 32 after yours.

I was concerned about dead areas behind and below the rockwork. That is why I asked.


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Diverdan814 - Thank you for the compliments. There are a lot of tanks a lot nicer than mine on the board.

There are a lot of through holes that you really can't see from the pics that go all the way to the back. I really should add another powerhead that would push water all the way across the back.

I would like to see pics of your 32 once you get it set-up how you like.