My awesome buys!


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I just picked up two awesome clams for cheap! I got two 4 inch for 49.99 Cdn each i had to buy them at that price! Considering another store wanted $90 each for the same size this rocks! And they got them today so i had my pick of the litter:p

heres a taste of whats to come

it of just the one still in the bag.
Heres the first guy, looks so much better in person. Hes opened up quite a bit


heres the other guy, he hasn't opened as much


They both appear purple. i picked a purple one and one with a green tint. maybe its the lighting they had or the LFS guy could have picked out the wrong one. either way great price
heres a pic of the guy the wasn't opened up last night. He he one i picked just he looks different under my light