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This is my BTA. I'm hoping my Perc/Ocerillis will host it. Any thoughts on how long this might take? It's been in the tank for awhile now.
some clowns (ocellaris and percula especially) never take to BTA. Hard to tell in that light but he looks pretty healthy.
crap. Well is there an anemone that i'd be better off using? How long might i have to wait? How soon can it occur?
Some go into them before they're even attached to the rock. Others never do. I'd give it a couple months before you do you thing.
Well it seems as though my clown won't even come out of this cave that i have in my liverock. In fact, the clown adn all my shrimp hideout in the same place. Would i be better placing the BTA (with rock it was attached to) down in the sand infront of the cave so he could see it. He doesn't seem to come out much now and i'm wondering if he's ok. His mouth seems to always be open and his lips are turning white.
BTA's usually pick out their own spot, or move if they don't like where you put them.. I would definitely just leave it where it is and hope the clown finds it ;). Also BTA's like a good crevice or hole to mount their foot too. It may be using more than one rock.

Good luck!
patience is the key with hosting. my clown still hosts the brain coral even though i have a sebae anemone sitting in the tank as well. i have hopes that the clown will host but if it doesn't, oh well.... i like how anemones look lol.
my clowns took over 2 months to host... now only one of them does currently because I guess the 2 foot elegance it too inviting for it. anyhow it takes a while and still about 50/50 I guess.