My First nano!


so im in the process of starting my nano, well its actually alredy started, i purchased a eclipes 5 corner tank, and retrofited the hood with fans, and 32 watt Pc lighting, 50/50, i have about 7 or 8 lbs live sand, and starting with 6 lbs of live rock, i have a few questions for you guys,

1) im planning on doing a nano reef, is this sufficent if not what would be the best part to upgrade. i know lighting is probally one area, but how much more lighting? how much flow is needed etc

2)there is a slight fluctuation in tempature when the lights are on all day and then with the room tempature at night, it gets down to about 75 at night, and in the day about 80-81 would it be better to keep it towards the top of the heat or in high 70s i can turn the fans on to keep the tempature down, and heater on to keep it nto so cold (with a controller).
3) and thoes are the only two questions so far, this is my second salt water tank, i had a 46 bowfront, for a long time with out any problems, but no coral just fish and live rock. so im hopeing this one is the same and problem free:) any other suggestions are appreciated!

i will take pics as soon as i can and post them up for you guys, im actually pretty impressed with how the hood came out!
I'm pretty new to this, but I think the experts will tell you to turn your heater up (if you have one) to 80 so that it stays a constant temp. It's not so much what temp you keep it at, as long as its stable.
keeping the heater at 80 wont when the lights go on it just flux to 84 or will it just keep at a constant 80 and not get any hotter when the lights are on
Perhaps, but there will be a happy medium somewhere. Even 81 or so itn't so bad, so I've read. Again, wait for a few more replies as well.
not too much action here but been doing alot of reading..probally going to also get a retrofit 70watt MH, i found it fun to retrofit the fans and lights in this hood, also thinking of making some sort of fuge/extrenal pump beucase not much room under the hood to fit the MH, and heater and everything, so yea here are some pics so far of the tank and the lights in the hood enjoy i know i am:)


wow big pic dude....u might want to resize the temp. thing your dealing with is fine dont worry about it. you will probably only be able to kepp softies and mabey Lps and a clam if is at the very top of the rock work. you might want to consider gettin that 70watt retro fit......i think you are talking about the one on nanotuners?? i have that on my 12g and i can keep anything, i have sps,lps,and amaxima clam. Good light overall. what filtration is on this thing???
yeah you might wanna resize them pics, just a little :D Nice looking tank so far though! With 32watts would should be able to keep most sorties and shrooms and zoos. If you want more than that, you should upgrade the lighting.
Its has been in my own personal experience that a temp of 80-81 tends to stress some corals way too much. I would recomend keeping it at like 75-78. I had that issue last summer and almost lost my gold and purple neospongedies. A friend of mine lost almost half of his corals when the temp popped over 81. I would set a controlled heater at like 74 to keep the temp at 75 and up. Two questions. One what kind of pumps and flow is on this thing. And two what kind of filter are you using.
its the stock filter that which comes with eclipes 5 corner tankthe filtration is not that great and blocks alot of light, so i bought an aquaclea 150 and goign to retrofit it with a refegium(however you spell it), to keep the temps down im plannin on gettign an iceprobe and drill it into the tank, has anyone had any expreience with one? its 5 gallons, and ig euss would need it cooled a few degrees during the day while ligths are on, sory about the pic sizes my friend dose all that stuff and uploads it to photobucket for me, so i just copy the url enxt time ill tell him to resize