My LT Anemone Wont Attach Itself To The Sandbed


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I have a green LT anemone, it seems healthy, everything in my tank is doing fine, and my maroon clown recently paired with the amenone, BUT my anemone wont attach its column into the sandbed, it is just kind of laying on the sand, not attached to anything. I called the fish store where I got the anemone and they told me to dig a hole for it and that it should plant itself once placed in the hole, but I have tried that a few times and it has not stayed put. Anyone have any information they could share with me or recommendations? Thanks in advance.


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Try placing it next to a rock. They will often dig deeply under the sand only to move it upward and attach to the underside of a rock. This pretty much makes it to where their column is buried. If that doesn't work, then I would look toward other potential causes. Just to cover any bases, can you give water parameters? Other things may appear to be 'fine', but some animals react when something is just a little off. 'Fine' just doesn't really tell us that much.