My new Cone Snail


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oh and i love it.
i also have a living conus daucus.
and a couple blue rings octos

ceviche anyone? :D
Yeah, I fifth that on being careful with that thing. It sounds like you know this already, but these guys aren't kidding when they talk about it being deadly. It injects a nasty neurotoxin that kills most people before they can get to the hospital.

Gorgeous animals, though! I didn't realize people actually kept them. Where did you pick up that beauty by the way?
What are you feeding it?

And where and how did you obtain it?

I have 9 conus ebraeus and 2 conus sponsalis, feeding currently on pugent sound glycerids and other assorted worms.

Please share your experience. :D

My pictures:


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Someone is going to end up dead over one of these.

They're not the best animals to keep.

But, these certain species may not be deadly.

My daucus cruises in my 90 reef upstairs
Its been in there for some time now (5yrs)

My new cone snail is in one of my holding systems

I've never invested the time to actually observe the prey items, however, i believe they are both just eating worms and asst'd snails

Both were just unusual finds at a local wholesaler

also, they both reside with fishes and asst'd inverts
Death is not something people need to be worrying about, if you choose the right cone snail. THERE ARE 500 and more conus in the genus, only a small number, in contrast to the whole, are fish or mollusk specialists. Which may have channel proteins analogous to humans, and venom targeting those MAY cause fatalities. IN the case of conus geographus, 30 recorded fatalities exist.

All others eats marine worms/polychaetes of one form or another! And their venom will more than likely not to much harm to humans.
Just like people who keeps lionfish or fire urchins, as long as you are responsible, and RESPECT the animal's space, and provide PROPER care for them, they make fasinating and wonderful pets.

I can vouch on that, as I have 9 conus ebraeus and 2 conus sponsalis.