Nano and corals


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I am new to the saltwater aquarium hobby and have a few questions.

I have read several things on the forum about lighting, such as changing out the lighting and putting brighter lights. Can you leave the lights that come on the nano and have hard corals or is it best to change them?

hard corals need very high lighting, T5 or halides, LOTS i na nano you miht get away with shrooms zoos, maybe some softies, but more light = better in any case
check out the new to hobby forums you will find out alot of information there. Also you might want to get a book. my AIM: Sailcoboy if you need any help.
Jeepman and pink floyd are correct. I'd also like to add that if you are new to saltwater tanks, (and a nano, since the smaller the tank (usually) the harder it is to control levels) I think you should try your hand out in lower light corals for a while before moving to hard corals (sps) since they require almost pristine tanks and high demands of calcium and alkalinity.
Hope this helps.