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Hi everyone. Thank you for all the info...from what I've read, it will really help. I am trying to set up my very first marine aquarium and am doing my research first, before any action. Anyways, my first question I haven't found an answer for is whether or not the NanoCube aquariums are good. I am interested in the 24 gal one. Is the lighting, etc. adequate? Also, I heard something about problems with one of the Nanos cracking. Any information anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry I can't help you much because I don't have a Nano Cube.. but
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Dan Thrash

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i'm setting up a nanocube now, but it is a 12 gallon. i bought it from and got upgraded lighting with it. check it out and give them a call about their lighting mods on a 24 gal. the 24s are known to crack. JBJ has improved the design for the 06 models...thicker glass among other things, but i'm not sure if anyone has concluded that it solved the cracking issues.

Blown 346

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Yes the Nano's are great tanks to have as they already have the proper filtration for any type of setup, havit be Marine, fresh water, plant tank etc.
The lighting is pretty decent for a tank thatcomes with everything. You will have to stick to the lower type light corals unless you upgrade the lighting in it.
I have a Kenya tree, mushrooms, yellow polyps, zoos, and Xenia in mine. With Of course some flow modifications.
The nano's that crack are the new style, they arent made by Nano and dont have their name, the company I am thinking of is the Aqua pod.


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I 2nd Dan's suggestion.

I started with a 24G Nano. Wished I would have found NanoCustoms before I bought. They have great customer service and Chris is very helpful.

When I upgraded to a MH over the tank instead of just the PC's everything got bigger and healthier.