Need a clown fish expert.....


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I currently have a fairly large 4" Gold Stripe Maroon clown. I want to add another. I was told to go small. A local store has one about 2". What do you think?


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Maroon clowns are a much more aggressive species than the typical Clarkki, A. occellaris, or A. percula. In my honest opinion it is risky.

I have seen similar situations work out in both ways, the big female destroys the new clown, and in others no problems at all.

I think luck has a bit to do with it, but that is ideal size for the potential male clown.


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Since no "experts" seem to be answering I'll step in....

As you were told before, I would go as small as possible. If you do get that 2" fish, that MIGHT be acceptable. Marroons will fight to the death before succeeding the female position to a similarly sized potential mate. If there is any doubt about who's dominant they will rip each other apart.
I personally would wait for a 1" fish to turn up.

EDIT: Sorry reefman13 we must have been typing at the same time.