Need a few more fish...


I have a 225g LPS/SPS tank with the following fish:

yellow tang
purple tang
blue tang
red stripe anthias
neon blue cleaner goby
yellow nose cleaner goby
5 green chromis

will soon be adding (as soon as I get my quarantine tank up)
small flame angel
medium copper banded butterfly (eating frozen mysis)
royal gramma

any other recommendations? The anthias is aggressive only towards the chromis but they do a great job of schooling so he doesn't do any harm. The tangs go at it once in a while but in general live peacefully and are heathy.

I am looking for color and's what i've pieced together from reading some of the other threads

long nose hawk
group of schooling anthias - will this be a problem with my red stripe?
some type of cool looking wrasse of the nonagressiva nature
true perc (or mated pair) for my daughter
midas blenny
citron goby, kinda like how they perch on things, but will they harm corals?
some type of sand sifter...i understand that there are some that don't carry the sand up as high? How high do they typically drop the sand? I was thinking about moving some of my sand dwelling corals on LR "islands" on either side of my tank.

any help would be appreciated!