Need a skimmer sump!


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I sorta started this conversation on another thread, but didn't get far with this piece and my G-3 skimmer is coming today so I'd like to find a solution soon.

Because of my corner stand (triangular), I can't do one big sump. I use two. One is for the return and one will be for the skimmer. The skimmer sump will overflow into the return so that I will have a constant water level. The problem is that I can't find a container that will fit for the skimmer. I've been to Home Depot and other places looking for any plastic container that will work and no luck so far.

Here are the dimensions:
12" wide
13-14" deep
15-18" high

I can't go under or over these params because it needs to be big enough to house the skimmer and small enough to fit next to the other sump. Ideas? ATR will make me one for $100 that fits perfect, but I'm still swallowing the $260 bill for the skimmer so I'd like a cheaper option. It only needs to be some sort of waterproof plastic container because I don't really care what it looks like. Obviously, transparent would be best. If I go over these parameters, I'll have to replace both sump boxes to make it all fit.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Having a G-3 to replace my Red Sea skimmer and not being able to use it yet will be torture!

I have another option that you guys might be able to help with. If I only use one sump, the biggest I can go is 20" L x 18" W x 18" H. Something in the neighborhood of 20-25 gallons would work, as long as it's not a "long" version. I'd like it to be acrylic for stability, but it's not necessary. A cube shape would be ideal, like a 24gal nano, but I don't want to buy something that nice just to hold my skimmer and pump unless someone has a severely scratched one that they would sell cheap.

If I do just one, I was hoping to use something along the lines of an acrylic tank so I could see. If I just add a small one for the skimmer, I don't really care.

A corner tank sure makes things a headache! I think I'm going to just put a baffle in my larger sump and section it off. It will take up 2/3 of my sump and I'll lose some emergency backup volume, but it will probably still be adequate. The sooner I get that skimmer in there, the sooner I stop fighting the diatoms!