Need advice about a coral


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I have had this coral for 6 months or more. The color has continued to fade. (It use to be red and green). Is the coral just getting to much light? I have tried moving it to different spots but has not seemed to help. Currently it is sitting on a rock on the sandbed. It is continuing to spread and grow as u can see in the photo.

Any advice or thoughts??


55 gallon
T5 6 bulbs 324watts (ATI bulbs 2 Aquablue, 2 Blue plus, 2 Actinic)
Prizim Skimmer


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It is, what it is.
IME some corals do better than others. In my tank some thrive others die. I would suggest bringing your alk down to around 8.


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What are your phosphates/nitrates at? Where is it located at in your tank? Up high, mid, or low? If it's up high, you might want to consider giving it some shade for awhile and see if it responds. GL.


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Nitrates are 0. I do not have a test kit to test for phosphates. My other corals are looking good. So I do not think its a water chemistry issue. The coral is on the bottom of the tank. I think I am going to put under an overhang for a while and see if any of the color comes back. If it doesn't I am out of ideas


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Do you have any algae?

Too much light would be my guess. I got the best results for that coral in low light. Actually it was the lowest light area in my tank.

A 6 bulb t5 fixture on a 55g is going to bleach the crap out of it.