Need advice on buying from LFS


I need some really good live rock covered in coralline to help seed my new tank. My problem is, i'm located in a rural area were there is only one LFS that sells saltwater fish and inverts. They have the live rock that i need to seed my new tank but most of there live stock has ICK. Very apparent the fish are sick and sometimes dead. My question is should i go ahead and buy the rock from these tanks knowing i will be quarantining them anyway? I see people buying fish from this place all the time and i'm just thinking what are they doing with all these sick fish..


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Yes, you can quarantine this rock, but it should also be heated and aerated. Include a heater and a small pump and the quarantine period should be ten weeks, not eight.


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Ick wont live withouht fish, if this is a new tank you dont have any fish, buy the rock and put it in your tank lol, dont put fish in for 10 weeks, atleast you can get your system going, read snorvich sticky on ick