Need experienced help with new LED lighting


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I'm very close to dumping my four 72" VHO's and two 400W MH on my 180 gal. reef tank. I'm planning on going with two 36" 64x3W programmable fixtures. That's almost 400w of led's. Of course, I won't have them at full power. The LED's are Bridgelux, in a 3:3:1 (white, blue, violet) configuration. I can get them in any configuration I want. I chose this fixture because it's 12.5" wide. If I drop down to 36x3w, the fixture is 9.5" wide. Also, I have the option of going with Cree LED's for an additional $120.00. Is it worth going with Cree's with this much light? If any experienced users could comment on this, I would appreciate it.