Need Help Identifying This


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Hi. Can someone help identify this for me. I was wondering if this is good or bad because it's taking over my tank.



I can't give you a species ID, but I can tell you that I have them in a tank. They spread very quicky will sting corals and are very difficult to get rid of. IMO, they are bad.
Let me put it to you this way, do a search on ebay and you will see they get upwards of 12.00 each for them.
Sell them, dont just kill them.
I have them in my tanks and love them. Yes they multiply like crazy but depending on what you have in your tank for them to harm I hav'nt had a problem.
these can be big problems, once they over run your tank ull never get rid of them,,

trash them or sell them to some one stupid,,,lol

good luck