Need help picking out T5 bulbs please


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Tank is a 120g, standard 48x24 and will be a mixed reef with maybe 1/3 of it being sps. Light fixure will be an ATI powermodule 8 bulbs. I keep hearing about overdriving to 80w, but don't really understand what that means. Can someone help me pick out bulbs? Thanks.

Henry Bowman

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Overdriving refers to wiring your T5 lamps to where a 48" bulb runs at 75-80 wats instead of the traditional 58 watts. As for bulb choices, look though the T5 Q&A thread.


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You won't need to overdrive so don't worry. For 8 bulbs I recommend 3 ATI aquablues, 1 Fiji purple, and 4 blue plus. You might also consider 2 blue plus and two aquascience 22K's and 2 blue plus for the blue bulbs.


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Bulbs choices are varied as are what pleases the eye of the beholder. U made a good choice on the Power module . It is imho the best t5 fixture on the market . Hands down ..
If it were me and mind you I like it blue . I would use
4 ATI blue plus
2 Fiji Purple
2 Aqua blue or 1 Aqua Blue and 1 GE 6700

If UV bulbs are available locally and reasonable . Try '
4 454's
1 Actinic White
1 Aquasun
2 Fiji Purple .. I know I advised UV if local but I just love this bulb . I's a must have .
U can also ask Grimm in the T-5 thread but make sure u tell him if you like it bright or blue .