Need help to ID this "Mystery Frag"

Trigger 180

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Greetings all!
My wife and I recently picked some frags in Shoreline & Everett Washington. we scored this little guy (see attached) for free, but we have NO IDEA what it is, other than it's a(n) SPS, and it's pretty cool looking. we glued it to an old flame scallop shell we had laying around. we'd sure like to know how to take care of this little guy. For now we have him high in the tank, under vigorous current. Can anybody help us out? thanx in advance! :bounce3:
Dave & Anna

Trigger 180

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so far, I think that Frick is right, but I cannot find any pics of P. cactus frags that look similar enough to my frag...


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This looks pretty close to me.