Need help with 7410/2 setup in 58


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Hi Roger,

I purchased a 7410/2 Turbelle pump and controller for my Oceanic 58 gallon FOWLR tank. Excellent build quality. Some questions...

1.) I have 2 returns from my sump in the back corners of the tank. Where should I mount the pump? Should I mount it on either side on the back of the tank pointing towards the center or should I mount it on the side pointing to the other side? Any other ideas?

2.) The Oceanic tank has a large frame on top. What configuration should I use to mount the pump?

3.) How far into the water does the pump have to be? Does it need to me totally submergerd or can some of the motor be above the water?

Thank you,
Rich Maurin
A back corner pointed to the opposite front corner would be best.

You will need part 3000.244 to install it on an Oceanic tank. These are longer screws and a spacer.

Only about 3" need to be submerged. I generally use them with the top of the pump at the water line without a flow deflector.
Hi Roger,

Thank you for the response.

I will look for part number 3000.244 to complete the install.

Most dealers will have them. I also sell spare parts like this direct so you can call on Monday.
Hi Roger,

I got the part (3000.244) from my dealer earlier this week. I will be mounting the Turbelle soon. Thank you for the information.

Another question....

Can I split the output of the Turbelle using some PVC plumbing parts? I am thinking it may be good to direct the flow in 2 different directions in my tank.

Technically i see no reason why you couldn't split the output but it will reduce the flow. The outlet is Metric 25mm.