Need live sand


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Looking for a few people to donate a cup or so of sand from their established sand bed.

I'm trying to re-establish my 'pods and worms in my sandbend. After my "crash" it would be a big help.
Probably, not sure yet what the plans are. Deer season opens Sat, so I may get rid of my spouse for a couple days. :D
LOL deer season....

What poor Bambi do to us :-D

Hey gotta change your quote for deer season....
Though it isn't a free as live sand, there is a place that you can get pods online. But they would be in greater numbers.

I would imagine that you still have some and just need to dose the phyto....when I started that I saw an explosion of them
PM me and we'll hook up at one of the LFS or something. I have sand with worms and pods. If you put them in a tank with no fish for a while you will grow out a nice population.
Thanks everyone. I was busy all weekend. Maybe in a few weeks I could coordinate with you when I'm back in town.