Need some help with a tank setup:


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I'm starting to get into having an aquarium as a hobby, and have picked up a 75gal reef ready predrilled tank with a Outer Orbit HQI/Compact Fluorescent/Lunar Fixture but not really sure where to go from there. I'll be making my own stand an canopy, so that's not a problem. I'll be needing a sump/protein skimmer from what I've read, but not sure what direction to go with that.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a nice sump setup w/ protein skimmer, or maybe you could tell me what else I need to get this setup properly?


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for a sump, I really like the one that I got from Exotic Aquariums on Bird and 826 in Miami, and the price was right. all-glass 29 fitted with baffles and drilled for a return (or not, your choice). It was designed to be an algae only filter, however I pulled out some of the baffles and now have a skimmer section and a return section.


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It was designed to be an algae only filter, however I pulled out some of the baffles and now have a skimmer section

i had a costume sump before and was having problem when it was not room for skimmer o micro bubbles in my tank because design problem now i have my new sump and i see 100% differences in my tank

my point is i pay 2 times to get it right


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What should I be expecting to pay for a sump? $200? Is it smarter to buy it in person or order something like this online? Other than the sump/protein skimmer, what else do I need?

Thanks for all the help, guys.


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i got my sump from manny you should go that way for a sump really good work and he work with what you need

I did as well and I couldn't be happier.

As far as pricing goes, it depends on what you want done, in what thickness of acrylic, size, etc. You would have to ask Manny directly for a accurate price range.

-Mike C.


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for a 75 gallon, just get an asm, or octopus skimmer. if money isnt a problem, go for the msx. i heard good things about them.

as for the sump, i made one myself and it works ok. cost me about 75 dollars and about 2 hours of total work. maybe it would be worth it to get a customized sump if your not too much into the whole DIY thing


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don't get a combo you will need to do more research on skimmers there is many good ones out there it all depends on how much money you want to spend

there is a difference between a sump and refeugium depens on what are you going to have in your tank a sump is most for fish only tanks because they use bio balls if you are in to reef tanks then i recommend you to get a refeugium to use microalgae

i hope this helps


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here is a good skimmer being sold locally

as for the sump, if you are building your own stand then you have the abilities to build one yourself, on that same thread will see pics of a sump i built out of a 38gal glass tank, i gut my own baffles and siliconed them in ( ialso had the tank drilled at an LFS so i could used and external pump) cost was under 100.00

all you have to do is figure out what config you want to have



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I'll be hopefully doing a reef setup on this tank. So with the refugium, protein skimmer, tank, lights, stand... what else would I need?


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Live rock, corals, fish and saltwater, patience LOTS OF PATIENCE!! (with me :D )

i think you have it covered, all you need are the specifics, what pumps you are going to use? how much flow? close loop or power heads? exactly what skimmer and type? lots of research to be done and most importantly DONT RUSH IT!! do it right the first time! what you think might be saving you money now might cost you in the long run ( ie..buying a poor quality skimmer)

try to see some established systems, they are always a good source for ideas and how to do things


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with everything everyone has said so far you should be covered. Just need a big dose of patience then sit back and enjoy.
It would help though to look at a few established systems though. It would give you a good idea as to what to expect. I did this a few times before actually setting mine up.

If you want to see mine just pm me.

Good luck and Welcome!!