NEW 40B Tank + DIY Stand + DIY Sump


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-Tank is brand new, never seen water
-back and bottom painted black
-3 holes drilled on bottom, 2 1" drains, 1 3/4" return-(comes with all bulkheads (NEW)) (also have some PVC fittings)
-why is the bottom painted? because it was intended to be a frag tank but has been sitting empty for some time now
-comes with eggcrate frag racks that can hold 100's of frags at different depths
-DIY stand which was made using Reefcentral's template (not furniture would need to plywood and paint it if you want)
-Sump choices- either a 20H or a 20L.
-20H has 3 chambers
-20L only has a bubble trap so you can set the water height easily by adding another chamber/wall (better if you have a sensitive water level skimmer).

Everything mentioned above EXCEPT the sumps have never seen water and are BRAND NEW.
-Stand-$50 (and a lot of time!)
-glass for baffles-~$30
total it cost me way over $200

I looking to get $175
If interested email me at
or call/text 773-9.six.4-three.three.51
please dont pm me


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Here is what im talking about the eggcrate frag racks...



Here is the holes and bulkheads...

Stand (I covered the sides with thin plywood, front and back are open)