New Acrylic aquarium - I'm back after 30 y.

Thanks. It was long years when I do it last time. But did I need skimmer to be ON? What will skimm first weeks?
As here where I live now in Serbia is few shops that will sell quality live rocks Im a litlle scare to take it withot
long weeks of karantine. And you know even later can pop out some parasites...Maybe will start first cycling
few weeks with help of bacteria to add.

In second filter department will be deep san bed and this need months to start working properly.
Will inform you how will go... thanks again for your suggestions. Prices of live rock is different
in country Slovenia for example very good imported live rocks is 18 EUro kg and in Hungary want 45 EUro. Robbery.
This is some live rocks in Slovenia shop where i decide to buy as its come from new shipment arriving
soon and have proper karantine. Hope will start soon moving water or wait another shipment.
At least they have certificates for importing.
looks good what you think?

from Kenia


New shipment

15.03.2024 - fish and other animals Filipine
15.03.2024 - live rock Filipine

11.04.2024 - live animals Sri Lanka
16.05.2024 - live animals Thailand

22.05.2024 - live animals Jakarta
30.05.2024 - live rocks Jakarta

a little bit Off topic but this is the price of fish in EU country Slovenia.
KZ mean member card prices :)
Nice live rock. From the Philippines and Jakarta, interesting. Wish we could get that here in the US.
I decide to buy in this Slovenia shop live rocks. Its good as shop have all
International permits to import to avoid any problems.

If I remember well my light will be off few weeks when start cycling water.
Anyway I need 5,30 hours by car from Slovenia to Serbia and battery air bubble will
purchase to keep aeration well in stirodur box.
Will also close a little sun light direct to aquarium untill values not be ok.
Today i had chat with owner for live rocks. He propose me to have 75 kg of and i dont want
to fill full of my aquarium in this way. NO. 2 or 3 tunnels and few hide covered plates of rock
and no more. Hate to see fullfilled aquarium and fishes dont have space to swimm :)
Second he wrote to me to put rocks and new RO together at once...what Im not agree that
will place rocks without karantine at least for 1 month with bucket with flow and heater and
even air buubles...

What is your experience its sure that decades I didnt do this and asking for your opinion.Thanks.

Second he wrote that he will place rocks in stirodur no water at all for travel of 6 hours by car.
Also fishes he put in plastic bag for travel he mention.
My opinion is that lot of bacterial will survive without water 6 hours a lot of will die as well.
To place such a rocks in new RO salt water i think will be disaster. First clean, karantine than
to aquarium. Check all parameters that is low and than place rocks in main tank. Yes?
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One basic question: Aquarium is brand new...can i mix water and salt inside directly or
its not racommended? Will place good aerator strong flow mixing and heater...
just asking if is possible or better outside. As its first fill will be 550 liter of RO water.
Just to have big plastics 100 liters a little bit tricky...What you suggest?
mixing outside 30 liter max. x many times or?
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Just add the water to the tank first, then add the water. If you add the salt first and then add water, you risk precipitating out things like calcium...I'm speaking from personal experience :rolleyes:
You mean salt after. Ok RO water filling in tank directly than mixing salt up to proper level.
Will start in this way.

As yesterday finlize cement cover layer now fine over and its ready for basic
support additional 20 bricks on the left side of this small wall to create main support.
its not straight lines :) but later will correct wall angles when new bricks will be cemented
together with wall and on top made nice level for aquarium rubber to avoid any movement.
Acrylic and rubber create strong non sliding area.
What you say about my mortar works hahahaha :) I know its very bad but first time in life and
its not important as all angles will be at the end 90* dgrs.
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Mama mia 130x75x60 cm less 1,5 cm on each end thickness of acrylic and less
2 cm from top for overflow = 506 liter WOW RO will work as max is 400 liter per day
lets divide in few days.

Ok no rocks no sand no lights just good Titanium heater, blowing strong pump to mix and
pumps flow through filtration. Cant wait...lets go gluing first pipes.
The only way is elevator as im on 11th floor in skyscraper lets say with new windows sliding
penthouse will be with this aquarium :) Yes i will do it even if concrete angles is bended hahaha
but simple to correct. :0
Will buy today rubber to place after creating top layer with concrete.
Old photo.
Acrylic and rubber will not slide.
Will stick together.

Acrylic and some polistirol will slide for sure.