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Hey, Ron..
I know I'm not the one you want to hear from, but I have some info that might be of help. Anthony has been away on speaking engagements in Ohio & Michigan the past few days. That being the reason hasn't responded to this post yet. I am sure he will give you all of the details upon his return. :)

He does have a new book coming out in the fist half of next year.
Reef Invertebrates

Also be sure to check out Reading Trees. If you look under "Books In Print" you will see what might be available in the year to come.

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Thanks for the open door my friend :)

TippyToex, Thanks for the delightfully prompt and shameless plug that I wish I had proferred :p

There is a sample chapter recently posted here:

My brief summary of the new series/first volume and its place and importance in the body of work follows. I have cut and pasted this response from a recent query specifically in address of how this title differs from other popular works that we know and love.

The first volume is, as described, on "Reef Invertebrates": most all that we see outside of Corals and Anemones (Volume 3). Volume 2 covers Reef Fishes.


Very good and valid question, my friend. Thank you for asking it! Indeed, with Julian and Eric's books we have the subject addressed importantly and differently, and yet... Fenner, Pro and I have been compelled to contribrute in a manner that is altogther different still that we hope will serve aquarists in a most useful and practical role. Indeed... aquarists have appreciated our articles and books (Conscientious Marine Aquarist, and Book of Coral Propagation V1) for their honesty and plain language (and easy humor too I suspect :) ).

As we see it, Julian's book is a very succinct ID book (with the basics on husbandry) and addresses the topic of Reef Invertebrates as a quick reference. Indeed: its intent. Many find it to be an updated distillation of the Reef Aquarium volumes: pictures and all.

Eric's book (my current favorite, BTW, to recommend to aquarists for corals!) is quite representative of Eric's skills and wisdom as an aquarist and scientist. It has excellent practical information (and photography!) on specific corals with a lot of good hard science involved: coral biology/physiology, history, allelopathy, etc as well as aspects of collection not covered elsewhere in popular literature.

However, Aquarium Corals does not (could not for length, indeed... no fault of Eric's) contain information on other interesting reef invertebrates like Tridacnid clams, crabs, worms, shrimp, forams, tunicates, etc. The title says it all: Aquarium Corals. Again... a fine job and a must have reference for serious reef keepers.

Where our Natural Marine Aquarium series of books differs is many. For starters... they are more like a "best of livestock" set of references rather than ID books or scientific references. We have made a very concerted effort to make the series very comforatble and easy to sit down and read at length. For anybody that has met Bob Fenner or me... you perhaps undertsnad and appreciate that. We are fun-loving jokers, love to laugh and all modesty aside... the attitude comes through in our writing. Fans of the Conscientious Marine Aquarist and/or the Book of Coral Propagation will expect that sort of readability and humor in the text.

And so, we three have begun to address the best livestock for the marine aquarium with a very broad view of modern aquariology: refugiums in all their many forms and applications (fishless plankon generators, nurseries for planulating animals, seagrass and mangrove microcosms, etc), sand bed technologies, the dynamics of fauna in an on live rock and their importance in an aquatic system, how to target specific "incidental" organisms for culture or erradication, etc.

From me you will get a strong influence in the series on spawning/breeding/propagation dynamics as it appplies to each animal. Indeed... the "tips and tricks" so to speak for culturing and exploiting the growth of marine organisms for the greater good of a system. My zany sense of humor and wise cracks scattered throughout will hopefully be at least tolerable if not enjoyed.

From Bob you will be getting his extraordinary influence as a 30 year veteran aquarist, diver, photographer and industry professional. He really has seen it all and done it all. Those of you that have spent time him (and especially if you have bellied up to a bar with him!) know and love this well. It seems that there is no subject that he cannot converse with skill and ease about! Beyond his spot-on accurate advice about animal husbandry, you get Bob's irreproachable sensibilities for ethical and conscientious study and enjoyment of aquatic livestock. All valuable and insightful lessons.

From Steven Pro you get his exceptional practicality and wisdom on the fundamental dynamics of aquatic science. He teaches us the finesse of navigating our charges in captivity to thrive and prosper with sound and innovative technologies and hardware.

Our managing editor is a brilliant and artistic layout genious who despises photoshop embellished photographs!!! So... rest assured, that the pictures you see will be truly unadulterated beaties of the sea. Yes... these books will be the next step up from the Microcosm-style books that we've all come to admire.

If anyone has any further questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to drop a line here or privately if more appropriate.

With kind regards, Anthony
And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the short answer! :eek2:

The new demo pages look great, Anthony!

MG... thanks my friend :D I hope you enjoy the rest of it as well!

Looking back... I guess I'm glad to have scribed the "brief" summary here :p

Sheesh... you'd think I was getting paid by the word! Ha! Well... I'm pretty sure that I will never be accused of shortchanging an audience or editor with short content :)


Looking forward to getting it. Have ordered it through a online clam vendor the other night.

I, too, can't wait to get my copy. I've turned a few heads your way as well who also cannot wait to see the result of the Fenner/Calfo team at work (and of course, not short-changing Pro).

Blue Skies,