New Clam

Thanks, yes is am Maxima... or at least I was told that. is 4.5" and 3" thick. .
I really dont know much about clams, but what i have noticed is that it hasnt extended the lips much? is that normal? or maybe is just getting use to the new enviroment?
any info would be great. I getting Giant Clams from Daniel Knop
in a couple of days!

Is that a Pohnpei Clam?
I not sure really.
here's another pic...clams are so cool!

That is why I thought it might be a clam from Pohnpei as they don't appear to open up as much as Maxima do from Marhall Islands and Tonga. Heavier shell. It does look very nice though :) What kind of lighting do you have him under?

You will enjoy the book by Daniel Knop. :)

Hi Barry, yes it has a heavy shell! Its under a 175 10k ushio bulb suplemented with pc's but I was plannig to move it to 250 15k also supplemented with actinics. I just wanted to wait some days to see how was doing .
I have two cubes connected as one system.
I know they need a lot of light ...and make some room for it!
Like the cube picture :)

When you move him to the more intense lighting you will see him color up very nicely. :)

Welcome to the wonderful world of clams :) :) My true passion :)

Thanks Barry,
I'll be giving you a call for shure for my second clam!:D
take care!

Hi ROBZ, amazing looking tank. I like all the Monti Capri that you have. Keep up the good work. Clams are so addicting. :eek2: :)
That's definitely a Ponehpei clam. I would watch the clam very carefully for the first 2-3 weeks. If It starts to decompose or if the edge of the mantle starts to cave in...take it out ASAP.

Although VERY VERY VERY VERY beautiful - try to avoid ponephei maximas.
So Ponehpei clams are known for this?...great !!***%$#

Project Reef thanks for the info, did you had one? the edge of the mantle? is that the lips? any info at this point a would appreciate big time.

toptank,any experiences with Ponehepei clams?

I haven't gotten any Pohnpei Clams but all I can pass on is what I hear from others. Yes they are very beautiful clams that is for sure. Talking with a importer of clams, I have been told that they have worms in them. Again, I have no knowledge of that myself only want I have been told.

The more I think about clams, still think it is a good idea to place them in a Q-tank for a few weeks to make sure things are fine before placing in your display tank. That is what I do with all my newly arrived clams, I place them in holding tanks for 5-7 days before shipping as I think that most people would agree that if you are going to lose a calm that is not healthy, it will be within the time period. Now that is not to say that you must also have your water chemistry well within limits to keep them that way. IMO IME

thanks for the info I'll keep an eye on the clam, it seems to be fine so far. an as for the water paremeters i'll double check.
How ya been Rob?!
Your tank just keeps looking better and better every time I see it.BTW great looking clam to. And yes the mantel is the lips :D .

P.S. Do you have that green and blue Monti that you posted a pic of?
OJ!!!:D :D :D where you been hiding man:smokin: :smokin:
Monti? oh yes!
hey man did you finally moved? got your tank up and running?...
here are some that I have:p