new fish in QT, duration?


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I have 3 new fish in a 30 gallon QT(the water came from the display tank) and they are all eating and acting fine. They all look healthy and normal. I know 3 weeks is the standard but I don't want to lose any to ammonia build up or stress of a small tank, they will be going in a 150g. I planned on changing 5 gallons of water every 2-3 days. Does this seem like a good plan?

How long do you guys usually quarantine new fish and how long after they begin acting normal do you leave them in the QT?


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The water from the display tank will not do much to help establish a biofilter. Watch your ammonia.Seeded rock or some sponge or filter material will. I qt for 4 weeks.


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It depends on the fish. I QT'd my tang for 4 weeks, my mandarin for 2 days. Delicate fish don't do very well in QT. Butterflies would fall into that category also.