new frags


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thank you to everyone who came to the frag meet, there where alot of great corals and a few new faces. and rljlll your corals acclimated just fine and are all glued to there base. I will post pics of them later today, and pics of my tank. thanks again to everyone.

jesse & melissa


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i thank you again so much for coal sitting i know you said it was no big deal to do it but i really ment so much to me thank your wife too she was great i am so glad that i could be part of the rc frag group everyone is always so nice and helpfull i will be there one day just not yet and then i will be able to help the noobs thanks again


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here are the pics Roy of your frags:








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Hey, I know those frags!! Thay all look like they are doing great. rljlll, now I see why you wanted all my extra frag plugs!!



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It was my first meeting and I really enjoyed meeting many of you. I just setup my first 24g nanopod on Sat night. I got 22 lbs toga LR and 20lbs sand, and this morning it was nice and clear.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. My project this year is to prepare for the 700g reef tank we're putting in our church next year. I'm hoping to be able to get a number of frags and begin growing them in preparation for that event. I would like that tank to be a source of frags for others down the road.

Bye for now.. Andy


ZoeReef...welcome to RC. Just rememmber what I told you at the meeting and you'll be well on your way. Let me know how that tank works out for you...Im interested in hearing bout it, since it just came out.



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thanks so much again for watching them i have to work this sat my bosses son just got out of the hospital and so i will be covering for him the rest of this week but i think i don't know for sure but i think that i get thie next sat off and i should be able to take i little drive out there