New LFS in south suburbs

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Just got a call from a friend telling me about a new store in the Mokena/South Orland Hills area. I beleive it's around the 187th street and Wolf Rd.
I'm going to check it out this weekend, and see what they have. According to him he said thay had a huge naso tang and queen angel for reasonable prices.So I'm assuming they have alot more. (I'm not sure the name of it aquatics something?) and no it's not aquatica in tinley but they have really good stuff there too!!

Oh and by the way what happened to those posts about upscale aquatics? I really would have liked to give my opinion on those clowns.


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aquatic enviroment i think is what it is called. i live just down 187th. it is nice to have a place to go to if i have to get somthing really fast.