new maxima clam pic


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Hi guys I just got a new maxima today I've attatched a pic. lmk what you guys think.
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Just one question I had guys. Its a little light around the exhalent siphon and in the middle, is that ok? I still see spots of the zooxanthellae and its not totally white, just lighter in color. Here is another pic:
It should be fine. Looks like a blemish or birth mark. Sometimes, as tridacna's mature, they develop new markings.

If injured/damaged, the parts that are in the process of healing will take several weeks to regain it's original colour/pattern. Don't think yours is injured though, is it?

You're probably already doing this... monitor it closely... I know I would ;).

Beautiful clam btw.
No definitely wasn't injured, and I've taken some time to look at other clams and it is just the patterning of the zooxanthellae, I checked my croceas and they also have their own patterning of mantle/dark brown patterning and I've had them for months, and the other almost a year.
Fargin bastage! I wish I had a maxima. My two croceas died mysteriously. (Well it wasn't a total mystery. They died after I gambled on a flameback angel in my reef. I never saw the angel pick at them, but they died suddenly, one after the other. Won't make that mistake again! Happy clamming!
It looks like a Walt Smith maxima- I have a couple with the same blue rim and cream colored marks.
Hey guys I just noticed this recently, but most of my clams don't have mantle extension exactly perfect on each side, i.e. one side a little bit more than the other, or vice versa. Is this just natural variation? Imparticular this maxima opens the "right" side of its mantle more than the left side, but I noticed also that the shell is also higher on one of the sides of the clam, like the left side is a little "ahead" in growth than the right. I know just being paranoid lol, but mostly just trying to learn.
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Is there some mantle 'trauma' on the side that is not entirely open? Some of the wild clams have nicks in the mantle where predators had taken a 'bite'. This usually recovers completely in a few months and leaves only a blemish.
This might explain the asymmetry. Adam
It's likely natural. It's not going to be symmetrical but the mantle extension should be approximately the same on both sides... definitelt not perfect. Development of chutes (shell) is also not perfect... one side may develop faster than the other.

I've got 6 clams and none of them are perfect :lol2:
Hmm the mantle is fine, no nips or bites or anything that I can see, and no pest snails etc. Its not that much off so no biggie, I'll just keep an eye on him though if anything develops.