New publication out on Florida's marine aquarium fishery


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The Coral Reef Aquarium Fisheries Campaign announces its new article on Florida's marine aquarium fishery, published this month in the peer-reviewed journal Marine Policy.

Marine aquarium fisheries around the world are facing increased scrutiny (e.g., Hawaii, CITES). In light of this, the Campaign assessed the management of Florida's marine aquarium fishery. We found that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission manages the fishery under a comprehensive regulatory structure. Surveys conducted in recent years demonstrate that catch per unit effort (CPUE) of the vast majority of fish species have remained stable or increased over 10+ years. The assessment also makes recommendations to support the continued development of this fishery.

Get the details in our article, published this month in Marine Policy.

Photo: An aquarium fisher individually packages collected fish in ventilated containers to protect them for the boat ride home. Photo by Dynasty Marine Associates.
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