New set up is done!!! PICS


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After 2 weeks of building a stand & canopy and taking finals I got to set up my new tank. here are a ton a pics.

I spent about 12 hours on this to day so there better not be any leaks.

All of the livestock is doing well the clams all opened nicely with in a couple hours now I just have to acclimate them to the new lighting. I had one loss and it was my 5 inch manits shrimp she was going to live in the sump but the move was just to much for her.


last view of old tank.
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What are the dimensions on that tank? Looks like it should be a great clam tank. Shallow and lots of space to view from directly above.
Very Nice

Very Nice


Great job on the tank. I too think it will be a great clam tank.

Now, can you tell us a little about the tank and gear that runs it? The more I goole at my T. Crocea in my coral tank, the more interested I become in a pure (or nearly so) clam tank.

Again - great job. Looks sweet!

Damn, that is sweet! I looked into doing two REALLY shallow tanks, connected together, but Im poor enough:D

I hope you have fun with it!

P.S. Is it custom?

Very nice. I would like to know what the pipe in the upper left corner is for. Is that used for overflow? I see that it looks like you drilled the bank.
I got this custom tank from a customer at the LFS that I work at. It was a breeding tank for clown fish at one time but the he took it down. So I bought it.

Lighting is 2 X 175 watt 10K ushio running off of blueline balasts.

2 x icecap cooling fans

the pipe is a 1.5inch drain in bottom of the tank. It was only 1inch so I redrilled for 1.5inch
Mag 5 for a return
and a hagan 802 for water movement as well.

15 gallon sump with some LR in it and my DIY downdraft skimmer.

I used the aragalive sand sand because it is already washed so the tank was not a glass of milk for 2 or 3 days.

The canopy is supported by black gas pipe the height is adjustable.

I was at work all day so I did not even get to see my lights on today. Hopefully tomarrow I will get to see my lights on.