New Tang Conundrum??


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I have a 180...Just put 3 small Yellow Tangs in, I'm wanting to get a small Purple and Red Sea Sailfin. The BOOKS say NO! Many others are saying it works fine as long as they are fed well. I have a SPS only reef, but I maintained a great deal of open swimming space. Please share your experiences and thoughts?



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I have a 220 and have a Orange Shoulder, Purple, Naso, Yellow, Red Sea Sailfin and my prized Black Tang. They have been together for over 2 yrs (Black about a month) and never had a problem. Just my experience. everybodys opionion will differ.


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My local fish store had him. I absolutely love him to death. I though i might regret spending that kind of money on a fish. He was worth every penny. If you can get one, BY IT!! good luck with your tank and keep us updated


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i have a 200gal tank with a Naso Tang, Vlamingii Tang, Sailfin, Purple Tang, Hippo Tang, Some sort of Misc. Tang and they do fine. the tang police will tell you no though its just a matter of trying it and keeping an eye on them. the only problem with your list is that they are all from the same family but it can be done.