New to Hobby - First Fish Only tank.


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Okay... I am new to this and hubby got me a 180 gal. I am allowed to have a fish only tank. I want AWESOME fish. I don't want the whimpy ones.

Any suggestions?
Hubby is really talented at this - but he is always trying to convert my tanks to reef!

This one is MINE!



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Ha, there are many fish out there, you should do some searches and see what you like. 180g is a decent sized tank, you can have a good stock list as long as you have the equipment to back it up. I'd go on different fish sites such as and look at the different fish, see what catches your eye. Generally its angels, triggers, puffers, eels, groupers, butterflies and aggressive tangs in the typical FO tank.


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Tank is too small (not the sharks). Plus sharks aren't as aggressive as you're expecting. If you want aggressive fish, go for triggers, wrasses, some angels and tangs, groupers, and puffers.


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I once tried to keep a shark in my tank and it could not compete for food believe it or not. My tangs, trigs and angels would have it all gobbled up before the shark could find it, because they are bottom feeders.

Sharks really aren't that showy, actually they are rather boring. They just sit there all day. You will want fish that are moving all the time. Just research what fish you like and then look at compatibility issues (befpre you buy the fish of course) and then get a stocking list. Then determine the order in which to add them. Least aggressive to most aggressive.


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Some of my favorites are puffers, bird nose wrasse, volitans lionfish, eels, tangs, and angels. I spent alot of time on liveaquaria when I got started looking at fish and seeing what I liked. I also went to my LFS to watch the fish in action. I like a lot of activity and for that, my bird nose wrasse is my favorite.


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The above are good suggestions. However, I would like to add as the last post alludes to that I think the easiest way to figure out how to stock ia new tank s to pick 1 or 2 fish that you really want to have. After that, make all of your stocking decissions based on the must have fish. I think that you will find that those fish you really want to house will limit your other choices so as make your decissions easier on how to finish off stocking the tank.