new to sps need some advice please

sweet d

i bought this frag just about one month ago when i first got it had full polyp extension and its base color was a nice pinkish kind of color since then it has turned to a green color and does not have the same polyp extension.i made a rookie mistake and moved it about 3 times in the first week or so which i now know will make them question is about the color is this normal or is something wrong?
my levels are PH-8.2
here are a few pics for reference

and this is what it looks like now
it is much more green than the pic shows and has more polyps out than the pic also but not anywhere near has the first pic.


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lighting? photoperiod? placement in tank? flow?

if your lightning is more intense or different (ie.. going from halides to t5, vice versa) you could get slow growth and less polyp extension, if not acclimated to the properly.

how long is you photoperiod

could be a low or too high flow area.

could be picky and prefers lower nitrates

needless to say it could be a number of things.

throw out a few more details about your tank. SPS are more picky to tank conditions than LPS and softies.

based off what i see from your picture, i would put it in a lower part of the tank with moderate flow and see what happens. with the flow, need to make sure its multidirectional and not a steady one way stream.


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I looks kinda like a Mille, which LOVE light. My guess is, your light system is not as bright as the place where you got it. That doesnt mean it wont color back up, but it might take a while, but it also doesnt means that it will color back up. Some acros will adjust to the current conditions.

sweet d

yeah it came out of a tank that had mh and i have t-5s so its probrably why its color changed not that the green is all that bad.and it is in moderate flow about half way down i guess only time will tell.


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I had a red mille do that to me when I moved it from MH to my t5's. After about 4 months it turned to what it is now.. green base, red branches and blue tips... It really is quite stunning now considering it came from a LFS $10 frag tank. Maybe I will have to see if I can get a good pic of it.