Newbie here, what kind of sump is this?


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Hello everyone, on Monday I will be picking up an established 75gal tank, it does come with some crappy equipment for the sump, skimmer and other filtration so I will be looking to acquire better equipment.

I have never seen a sump like this before the owner says it was a "kit", he says it doesnt use bio balls, it uses a 3 layers of foam and other type of filtration, but im sure that I can convert that to a sock filtration easily, here is a picture of the sump emailed to me from the owner:

The skimmer is a Seaclone 150 which I know is crap and not big enough for a 75 gal, so I will be looking to get rid of it, if anyone has something better but "affordable" please let me know.

It also has a Fluval 405 canister filter which I am not familiar with canister filtration and much rather not utilize this system, so I will not be using this.

I will be needing a halfway decent Skimmer & UV Sterelizer, i'd really like to get my hands on a Gama sterlizer, so anyone out there either parting with any of these items, let me know, and if the seaclone or fluval mean anything to you.

I don't have much to spend, I may have to do with this for a while, but please let me know.

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If you think this sump will work for your tank then you can have it for free
I really like to give it away who really needed it
this sump (built in skimmer) used for my 180G tank
Pro 300 Wet / Dry


I live in Land O Lakes
If you think you will needed it
call me at 813 240 0692


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If you take care adding fish or corals to your tank and keep up with maintaing water changes, you can get away without one. Everyone has their own opinion. I may be lucky but I never have needed one. A uv sterilizer can always be added on later if needed. Remember when adding fish or corals, NEVER ADD the water from another tank to yours. They may have run copper in the fish only tanks and that will cause problems for your corals.


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Bacteria Is beneficial. As for ich, they say there isn't a fish without it. Usually ich comes on when you've neglected good husbandry. I have never used a uv sterilizer in 5 years of keeping reef tanks. Everyone I talk to who has used a sterilizer, has seen no differance. I agree, everyone is entitled to there own opinion, and way of keeping a reef. I figured I will tell you, you don't need one, because when starting a new system, every dollar counts. I wouldn't wanna see you waste your money when you could get something more usefull. I see you have an algae problem, spend that money on a phosphate reactor instead.


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That looks like a Marineland Tidepool I sump. There should be three trays of filter material, and a bio wheel.


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Well as it turns out I'm not getting that tank, I have settled on an acrylic 180, so I will be starting totally from scrath...very excited, will post progress pics on new thread.

Thanks for the help though.