newbie q's: Filtration for mantis tank

I am planning on setting up an old 10g glass tank for a mantis shrimp and need to know what type of filtration it requires.
I was thinking of a penguin hang on bio-wheel this good enough? Do I have to run a skimmer as well?
Thanks in advance
Yes and no respectively. Mantis shrimp actually don't require pristine water like an anemone would for example. We use an Aquaclear HOB and it works like a champ.

Now if I could get him to stop eating my other livestock I might really be on to something ;).
I dont think I would setup a mantis tank without a skimmer anymore. I had a skimmerless mantis tank and it was algae city! The meaty food that mantis's require and the fact that they sometimes leave food (which will eventually decay) makes a mantis tank a prime growing space for algae. Buy yourself a cheap skimmer and slap it on your mantis tank, you will be thankfull you did.
Nope, on my current mantis tank I am running a bakpak with the maxijet venturi upgrade and thats it. Oh, and since its a spearer, I threw in a dozen snails and hermit crabs to help clean up after him. Quoting from a recent choir song that my old highschools womens choir performed "All is well, All is well":D
I just use a small internal canister filter (fluval). More so for water cirulation etc...

Re: quality of water you just need to make sure you remove any decaying pieces of whatever...

Also I don't intentionally feed any live food to my mantis. I feed him a small marble size peice of frozen shrimp once a day.

Honestly if you can get your mantis to take dead stuff it would reduce the need to add expensive filtration to your tanks.


BTW i have a six inch O.S in the tank.

1 Large hermit, 1 choco chip star and 10 small black snails.... (spend most of their time buried or on the glass). I have live rock and grape culpera in the tank.