NEWBIE: Where on Earth do you get Mantis Shrimps?!?!


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I'm currently starting up two 10 gallon tanks, one specifically with the intentions of getting a mantis shrimp.

Currently I have a 29 gallon saltwater that's been going for only 7 months now, and only has two blue legged hermit crabs, a single 4 striped damsel, base rock, live sand, and plenty of algae to spare. It's been fairly stable, but probably because I don't have all that much in it.. I'm currently in the process of ordering (as in, at this very moment) about 10 pounds uncured live rock for the smaller tank in the hopes of at least getting a mantis shrimp out of the deal.

Where can you find a mantis shrimp, preferred species O. scyllarus (I know I misspelled that, sorry), to order/buy? whether online, offline, or anywhere around Maryland or surrounding states all the way up to NY (I travel there to visit family every month)?

I have quite a few months to wait before getting the mantis shrimp, but I've been reading up on them LONG before setting up the 29 gallon tank. the 29 gallon was originally going to be for a mantis shrimp, but later we decided against it. we may eventually move what little is inside the 29 gallon into a 10 gallon, since we have no intentions, whatsoever, of getting more fish, or larger species of invertebrates.

oh, and yeah, I'm a newbie to this all. So please spare flames and educate me in what I'm doing right/wrong (I'm sure a LOT of this is wrong.. heh), thank you!
im in va depending in md where you are you can be far or close im gonna try and have this one lfs that by me thats really good order me one and if not there i have connections at petco and i can get one ordered and if all elese fails wait till someone is getting rid of one here or on other boards if you need the # and stuff fotr the lfs im talkn bout just reply in this post ill get it for you but its in fredericksburg va,Chris
If you're patient, and search often, you can find someone here on the forums willing to send you one for free, or low costs. Many people are quick to blame them for their reef problems, and want to get rid of them.
Hey Dragon,

You should try asking your LFSs to look for one for you. Many shops here are able to get them pretty frequently, but are much more likely to pick them up if they know they have a buyer lined up. :)


yeah, The local fish supply store that's here, I've tried ordering one through and they still have my number on file as well as species wanted, but as recently as yesterday, I spoke with them and the manager stated he saw two different species listed on his order sheets, but not the species I'm looking for.. .

so I'd like to know, what other species are out there that do well in a 10 gallon or smaller? I figure the O. scyllarus is probably a bit too large for the tank size I'm thinking of.. what else is out there? is there a difference in care requirements for a spearer vs. a basher?

Any information would be wonderful! I'd like to know about what species may be best suited for a 10 gallon or smaller tank setup.


I can't speak to other species but I have my 5-6" O.Scyllarus in a 20 gallon hex tank. They don't seem to need a ton of room - stays mostly in the rockwork only venturing out to dump a load of gravel/rock from burrow building or to take food. If my mantis gets much bigger though I think I'm going to get one of those acrylic eclipse 12 gallons instead it's got more width.

The little green rock mantis from florida I've seen people keep in 1 gallon tanks - they are tiny.
DT - A Neogonodactylus Wennerae would be perfect for your ten. They stay small (max 3"), don't burrow too much and are easy to feed. Any meaty food is fine, but they love to smash snails and crabs. I have mine in a 6g Eclipse.

If you don't mind paying shipping, Tampa Bay Saltwater usually has some, since they are a normal hitchhiker on their rock. Better yet, order a chunk or two of their fine rock and have them throw a mantis in with it. I think they charge <$10 for them.

S !
Ahh thank you! honestly price isn't the issue at all.. just FINDING a stomatopod was the problem! I'd be seriously willing to pay 100-200 for a nice species.. captive bred even better.. I'll definitely look into that site, thank you!

edit: I meant to say, captive bred would be best (coming from an exotic pet owner, not just saltwater tanks), but I realize it's extremely hard.. just a preference overall on all animals I keep, from my veiled chameleon who just turned 4 years, to my short tailed opossum and egyptian spiny mice
If you in new Jersey got to absolutely fish they have two huge Peacock Mantis shrimp 6-7 inches for sale. you'll need a bigger and stronger tank though. A 20 gallon acrylic atleast.