Nice 70 Gallon tall FS

Walken 1

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I bought this a couple weeks ago thinking I would use it for my new seahorse tank, but the problem is its just too damn tall. Since I am hopefully going to be pulling out baby seahorses every couple weeks, I really need something I can reach the bottom easily and dont have to stand on a stool to clean, etc...

Its a really nice stand and canopy. The tank is great size (36X15X30), especially if you have jumpers of any kind because its so tall they have alot more water column to work with.

Anyway, gonna sell this and look for deal on something else.

Has a retrofit light fixture with ballast as well. The tank isnt drilled however, so keep that in mind

$250 takes it or I would consider a trade for a Protein Skimmer (G3?) or even another tank that was at least 24" in height.