Nitrate problem, it's at 0 and holding.


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So I have a nitrte problem in my reef which houses macro algae as well. The nitrate is at 0. Undetectable. My macro's are begininning to get white spots at the tips.

So, what do you use to add nitrate to a system?

Tank is a 65g with a 25g sump. There are no filters, no skimmers. Tank houses 20 or so corals, all softies and LPS as well as my crocea clam and a bi color blenny. Plan on getting a potters wrasse by the weeks end. Ya no seahorses in this setup. Did a water change last month.

Currently I am feeding 2 cubes of mysis a day and Phyto Feast daily.

Any suggestions. I did pruin the macro way back but still want it to grow.

Thanks for the help, never had to increase nitrates before, never imagined this would be a problem.


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stir your sandbed at night very gently, you will get some NO/3 that way.
another is: Chelated Iron by Kent Marine. to much and you will have an algae bloom. i use 1/2 the directed amount.
you could also add a very small amount of finely chopped fish food directly into the sump with the flow off for about an hour. you will have NO/3 out the yin-yang. :D


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Might I suggest a source such as

Potassium Nitrate is what I've used for years, although calcuim nitrate might be interesting if you also have corals in the system.

At $3 per pound of dry, lab grade potassium nitrate, it's a heck of a lot cheaper then any store-bought supplement.