NLS Pellets


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So I am trying to mix up my feedings/offerings. I have a couple of clowns and a Lawnmower Blenny - they love a mix of frozen Brine/Mysis combo (gut loaded). Read on the forums here that New Life Spectrum Pellets are really good. My fish are still small but growing. I bought the 1mm size. I've only tried feeding the pellets twice and it seems tough for them to eat. They spit them out and try again. Today they were soaked in tank water for about an hour before feeding. I don't think my fish are two small for these. I also feed flakes as well. 3 feedings per day in small quantities. I want to get them used to these pellets so when I go on vacation with my wife in May I can setup the automatic feeder. I will also have someone come at least once a day to feed something else but I want the assurance they are getting something on schedule every day.

Another concern is that I won't be able to soak them in the automatic feeder. Any thoughts/suggestions would be great.



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I use a combination of the .5mm and the 1mm pellets. Once they get a taste of the smaller ones, eating the larger seems to become easier.