no filtered water for tank?


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I am just wondering if there are people out there running FOWLR tanks that do not filter their water with an RO/DI unit? I have a buddy that might try this. Any comments or recommendations are appreaciated. I understand that it is very important for a reef tank. TDS in the area is around 300-450 PPM


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That depends on which elements are causing the reading; if it was mainly something like copper, than eventually you will poison the fish.

It has been done by many (to include myself) using tap water and a detoxifier/chemical treatment.

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I wouldn't do it under any circumstances. Red slime is a disaster and extremely hard to get rid of.


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It also depends on the water quality in your particular area. Most the USA has pretty lousy water for SW tanks .. but there are a few places you can still keep even a reef tank without a RO/DI setup. My limited experience with the midwest was in St. Louis and that water was tough to drink let alone put in your fish tank.


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Indermark: I have 3# tanks with corals , and I put stresscoute in a 1 gal. jug , and air it for 1 week. T hen when I mix up some water I use a 5 gal. buckett and a power head and a air stone for a nother week. Works vary well for me.