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Anyone local carry this stuff? need to to buff out some scratches on that acrylic tank I just got.
Hardware stores will carry it, so will motorcycle shops. Windshields are acrylic.

hmm checked lowes and home depot's website and nothing. will try to call afew tomorrow. Never even thought about the motorcycle shop.
Any idea what the number to novus in Affton? Cant seem to find it.

If not will try to stop at clyton tomorrow.


I ordered mine when I was using it a few months ago. I couldn't find it at any local stores. I think Lowes or HD have some stuff, but it is more of a polish than a Novus 1,2, or 3 like you will need if the scratches have any depth at all.


P.S. Use a power buffer - I tried doing it by hand for about 12 hours and was getting nowhere.
What kind of power buffer did you use? I just bought a 180 that is pretty scratched up and some Novus off of ebay. Worked on it for a couple of hours and can barely notice a difference.
give me a few hours and I will write up what I did with some pics. tank is looking 1000times better now.
ok this might be a bit graphic intense.

so here is what we started with.



you can kinda see the scratches and the glue at the botton that was holding the trim on.

After 24 hours soaking with 10% vinegar water then 3 hours cleaning, 4 hours sanding, 5 hours polishing.



It doesn't really show the scratches real well. but before we started there was a lot of scratches and they are all pretty much gone. There was also a lot of glue on the tank it is also all gone.

Here is how we did it. if you just have light scratching you can skip past the 600 grit steps.

Step 1 use some 600 grit snad paper to smoth it out. I ualso used water.






Once it is smooth use 2000grit sand paper to finish it.

Then wipe it all down and clean it up.


Then I used Novus2, applied using a buffing sponge that came with my orbital sander. I want to note that I tried doing this by hand and said fuk that after 10 minutes or so.


I would guess any buffer would work for this. the important part is buffing smallish areas at a time. You want to buff till it drys and glazes over.



this is after first buffing.


second buffing. Beer optional, but highly recommended


I found 4 buffings was the best.

This tank will only be viewable from 2 sides on those 2 sides I buffed 3-4 times and took my time on it using that novus2,.

So it you have scratches get a cheap block sander and just sand it with water and 1000 grit then move too 2000 grit, then move to buffing with novus2.


I skipped the sanding part. I couldn't bring myself to purposely rub sandpaper into my aquarium. I used #3 first until the scratches were very light, then switched to #2 until they disappeared. I used a buffing pad (several) the whole time.

not sure mine was a 1inch thick foam pad.

If you are buffing out scratches I would reallty recomend sanding them out with some 2000 grit first. Makes the buffing go much faster. Just my opionon tho.
Well done, rbnice.

Your pictures are GIGANTIC! My computer was a little scarred to open this page at first.
Your sander should work fine. I used both a foam buffing pad and some terry-cloth type buffing pads. If you want to speed things up, you could try the sanding in an inconspicuous area (I might try it next time). I couldn't find buffing pads made to fit my size of sander, so I just got some that had a fuzzy exterior that would stick to the velcro of the sander. Its not a lot of fun, but the results are definitely worth it. Also, I can guarantee that you will be extra-careful about not scratching it in the future!