Nubie question...Mushroom propagation...


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We have a 24g nano and we are trying to be careful not to get too much stuff....been very succesful so far. We got some mushrooms from our live rock and they seem to be doing well but they do not grow. We don't want to buy any more until we know the freebies will be ok. Is there any way to foster growth/propagation? Do they need any particular water parameters? food?
I moved them up close to the light thinking that would help. Any thoughts?

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Shrooms are low level light and flow...can grow just about anywhere in the much light depending on light source has been known to be a no no. We place ours on the bottom to mid level and have success so far as propagation...letting nature take its course seems to be the best way so far but you can cut them in two/four pieces trying to get a piece of the mouth with each frag if you desire to do least that is what we are told...havent fragged any yet...

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A small red mushroom was the first coral I put in my 24G and it kept getting kicked around by the crabs. After it attached to a rock on the bottom it stayed the same size for a while and then started growing nicely. It has even moved just slightly and left behind a baby one. Like 77railer said get it in a lower flow and light area and just let it alone. Once it gets settled it will grow.