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just wondering how everone keeps their sps tanks low nutrient. I know that some people use zeovit. I also know that Iwan's tank uses something different. I am need to make equipment plans for my new 120. its going to have alot of fish and I want to keep color and growth high and nutrients low. what other systems are there?
SKIM SKIM SKIM...I have lots of macro as well...lots of flow too, to keep the crap from settling in the tank
my tank is going to be heavily stocked. the system volume is about 150gallon. is an ASM G3 big enough. im not doing BB but I will use a Refugium. what should I put in the refugium? Im going to use rowaphos for lower phosphtes and zeo Supplimens for added color. Is this a good setup?
I bought a G3 off of a lady in our reef club that was on about 300 gallons of total water...her bioload was massive and it kept up...she has since ungraded to the g-4x....

I now have the g3 on my 75 and it is great...but i would think you may want to go bigger, like the g4x.

just my thoughts.

Many people over look the use of liverocks.
I keep upgrading skimmers and even used 2-3 skimmers with limited results.
Only when I increase the number of liverocks my NO3 starts to drop to nearly 0.
I also found dosing kalkwasser effectively reduce my PO4 jointly with the use of RO.
A big refugium with macroalgae also makes big difference.
By the way I have 35 fish including adult majestic angel, sohal, yellow, purple,regal tangs and big yellow wrasse.
i keep my fish load moderate to low
oversized skimmer
lots of water changes
feed every other day
use po4 media


refugium----maybe a DSB, definitely macro(chaeot, screw calerpa too many pitfalls) liverock

Some PO4 media is beneficial, definitely not harmful, but not necessary if everything else works

RO/DI not RO trust me here
I have a 150g with a G3. I broke down my 90g and now have 2 G3's on it. Neither are modified but with a heavy bioload a single G3 is not gonna cut it without sacrificing growth, color or...something.
I dose 2 ml of vodka daily.
Skim with a Deltec.
10% water changes weekly (or so).

I feed my fish well.
I feed my corals better.
I don't use phosphate media or macro algae.

It's just one of many ways to get the job done.
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I dose 2 ml of vodka daily.

Not trying to be funny, but are you serious? what effects does it have on the tank?
Yes I am serious. Vodka is used as a carbon source to fuel bacteria. This bacteria consumes NO3 and PO4 and is skimmed away thus reducing nutrients. There are many threads on the subject. Do a search on "vodka". It has work great for me.
180 gallon with 19 fish. I use an ASM G3 which IMO works very well. I feed great. I don't know what my PO4 is but by the looks of my corals, I don't think it is high. I have mad chaeto in my fuge. I have half SSB and half DSB. Here is a pic of a couple corals.
I use vodka as well to make my tank look better, however I never thought of adding it to the tank :lol:

Sorry, couldn't resist.